Kaon and Domos partner to accelerate Wi-Fi Slicing availability in new “App Store on the CPE” deployment model

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Kaon and Domos partner to accelerate Wi-Fi Slicing availability in new “App Store on the CPE” deployment model

Kaon Broadband offers integrated solutions featuring home network devices and associated revenue-generating services. Kaon’s software and hardware products include stand-alone managed Wi-Fi Access Point Routers, Wi-Fi Mesh Extenders, and Gateway devices featuring Mesh-compatible Wi-Fi combined with DOCSIS, PON, and DSL access network technologies. Kaon’s software products include open source platforms aligned with OpenWRT, Wi-Fi Mesh, and remote management tools to help operators manage broadband, home network and even video devices in a way that no other supplier can. Kaon Broadband will be at the centre of the 4th industrial revolution to build a connected world and will always keep its customers ahead through innovating state-of-the-art technology, introducing a new concept of platform and service ecosystem (Kaon solution – Hardware + Operating System + Service Ecosystem).


Domos Wi-Fi Slicing is a machine learning technology that makes Wi-Fi networks application aware. Pre-trained machine learning models are deployed on the CPE to optimise the network resources for application outcomes and end user Quality of Experience. The technology has proven highly especially effective in addressing critical Work From Home use cases like video conferencing. 


Tom Buhl, EVP Kaon Broadband: “Kaon Broadband firmly believes in enabling third party software developers to meet the diverse and expanding needs of the connected home. Through this pandemic, many of us have experienced how critical the home Wi-Fi quality has become. We see that Domos Wi-Fi Slicing and Kaon open standard platform is a winning combination for the user experience and efficient Home Networking”


Olav Nedrelid, CEO & co-founder of Domos: “When facing such strong demand for our technology around the world, it has been frustrating to be unable to offer pilot deployments and market testing. Kaon Broadband is the perfect partner for us with their visionary and 100% open software platform. Helped by their global operation and scale we can now support innovative service providers in most corners of the world”

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